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Uni-Aire / Lacool R22 Spare Parts

Lacool stock, and is able to supply, a limited range of replacement / retrofit parts for the Uni-Aire ACD and ACC models (produced post-2000) and Lacool range of systems. These can be shipped Australia wide.

The most common products which are stocked by Lacool include;

  • Fan motors
  • Fan blades
  • Fan capacitors
  • Fan guards
  • Contactors 1-3 phase
  • Outdoor PCB boards
  • Hi-torque kits
  • Defrost controllers
  • Indoor PCB boards
  • Wall controllers

For information and assistance please contact us directly on info@lacool.com.au or 1300 LACOOL (522 665).

**Please note: For older units there is a chance that a part has already been retrofit to the unit. It is recommended that you send a picture of the part required so that we are able to assist you in the most effective manner.

Uni-Aire / Lacool R22 Spare Parts

PartProduct CodeDescription 
Uni-Aire Fan MotorFM-COND_AUSpecifically designed and manufactured for Uni-Aire replacement
Uni-Aire Fan BladeFB_UA_460Specifically designed and manufactured for Uni-Aire replacement
Uni-Aire Fan GuardFG_UASpecifically designed and manufactured for Uni-Aire replacement
Defrost Controller Smart Temp - DFT-880PCB_DEF_DFT880The Smart Temp DFT-880 is a precision manufactured electronic defrost controller
240VAC to 24V Interface Smart Temp - SP3INT BRD_240-24V_SP3The Smartpak 3 interface module is a simple and reliable device that has been built to permit a 24V thermostat or other low voltage devices to switch equipment with 240V control circuitry
Outdoor PCB BoardPCB_UAThere are a number of models available, most popular is the HDC202 board
Wall ControllersTSTATWe can supply wall controllers to replace existing units, please contact us for more information.
Contactors 1-3 PhaseCT240V_Available in both single and 3-phase, please contact us for correct model
Indoor PCB / Wall Control KitPCB_UA_FC_L6-2For full replacement of the wall controller and PCB board indoors, we recommend using the L6-2 kit
LACOOL Fan MotorFM_COND_LC_3-speed Fan Motors specifically designed and manufactured for Lacool replacement. A range of motors are available.