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Lacool is widely known for its specialised add-on cooling systems that have been designed for use with today’s high efficiency gas ducted heaters.

A Lacool add-on cooling unit can provide year-round cooling using the ducts of an existing ducted heating system and the fan from the gas furnace. Add-on solutions are available in single and three phase, ranging from 10kW to 25Kw cooling capacity.

Clean natural Gas is still the preferred heating fuel in Victoria as well as Southern NSW, South Australia and Tasmania because it is a clean, economically preferred fuel, and is more environmentally friendly. It is used in thousands of residential, as well as commercial ducted heating systems.

This type of system can be designed to include refrigerated air conditioning originally, or adapted at a future date.  Lacool is a well known and technically superior trade-only supplier to this ever expanding market.

The concept employs a ‘cooling only’ air conditioning unit, in either single or three phase, with matching evaporator (cooling coil), installed in a ‘split system’ configuration.  These two components, when installed with ancillary refrigerant piping and controls, form a refrigerated cooling system that can be added to many new or existing gas fired ducted heating systems.

Spare Parts

We carry a full range of spare parts for both the Outdoor Condensers and Evaporator Coils, including;

  • Replacement coils
  • Controllers / Thermostats
  • Compressors
  • Fan motors
  • Fan blades and guards
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Condenser Panels
  • Expansion Devices

This then becomes a total comfort system, providing economical gas fired ducted heating in winter and humidity reducing refrigerated air conditioning in summer through the one ducted system.  This method results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions compared with reverse cycle air conditioning as the electric compressor in add-on cooling systems is only used during the cooling cycle.  In this configuration the service life of the compressor is much increased, whilst its annual electric power consumption is greatly reduced.  The heating cycle uses clean natural gas.

The Lacool designed Evaporator range includes a corrosion proof polyethylene cabinet fitted with a low profile and low static cooling coil.  Installation is a breeze as roofing structures and sub floor joists do not need to be dismantled because the cabinet design allows for sliding the unit in between them.

ModelLengthWidth HeightWeightLine Sizes
LCH 08-10690mm505mm400mm16kg9.5mm-19mm
LCH 12-14 900mm585mm400mm22.6kg9.5mm-19mm
LCH 16-18 900mm585mm400mm25.5kg9.5mm-19mm
LCH 21 900mm600mm400mm32kg2x9.5mm-2x15.9mm